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Motorcycle man with a mission. Steve Reed, originally from Wales, UK, has been working in the motorcycle industry for over 33 years. Steve’s business is now in southwestern Virginia. He specializes in rebuilding engines, repairs and of coarse has a wealth of knowledge for tuning and cleaning carburetors. He is a certified Kawasaki technician and holds a city in guilds certification from Stockport College of Technology.

Steve’s strong belief that nothing should be thrown away when it is capable of be fixed properly means that he does not just replace a part. He knows its workings inside and out. Being able to work on anything from early 70’s Japanese model bikes to the newest on the market gives him a distinct edge in this business. Steve also restores early model Japanese bikes.
His well-equipped workshop includes Souriau carb analyzer and ultrasonic technology, which he believes is the most efficient way to clean residue from the carburetors.

As a matter of policy, Steve does not sell motorcycles, which allows him to escape the hassles of meeting floor plans, setting up “deals”. It means that the focus is on the core business- a dedication to customer service.



Steve Reed

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